Scarlet Countess

by Donald F. Glut

           Sexy Scarlet Brooks’ “big break” as a rock star is cut short by a fatal attack of the legendary vampire Count Dracula! The next night, Scarlet rises from a coffin in Dracula’s castle as one of the undead, guarded by the Count’s crazed, bug-eating servant Renfield. But Scarlet, despite her immortality and new supernatural powers, despises her new existence as one of the “undead.” After savagely satisfying her sanguinary craving on the blood of a friend, she accepts her fate but vows never again to attack another human being.

Over 35 years later, Scarlet (now known as the “Scarlet Countess”), jaded and depressed, surviving on outdated blood acquired from hospitals and blood banks, orders Renfield to drive a stake through her heart the following dawn. Unable to destroy Scarlet, Renfield discovers that, if a vampire can get three beautiful young virgins to sacrifice their blood willing in a single night, she can become human and mortal again.  Embarking on this seemingly impossible quest, Scarlet stalks and seduces three young beauties – prostitute Vicki, dance diva Tiffany and “goth” girl Shado -- making passionate love to each one and finally feasting on their blood.  But, as they say, “be careful what you wish for.” Mortal again, Scarlet finds herself aging as the decades rapidly catch up with her.

Once again, Renfield provides the solution to her dilemma, allowing her three sexy victims, now vampires themselves, to attack her, leading to several climactic surprises.


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