plot synopsis
written by Donald F. Glut
Copyright © 2005 Frontline Entertainment, Inc.


             The MUMMY of evil Egyptian sorceress Hor-Shep-Sut is unveiled at a museum exhibit opening. PROFESSOR BRAMWELL, an Egyptologist, relates the legend of how this Mummy allegedly once came back to life. Among the guests is ELYSE DARCY, a lovely reporter covering the opening for a tabloid newspaper, as well as several lovely young women. In charge of the exhibit is DR. ZITA FURNEAUX, a once-beautiful aging woman and closet lesbian, who has let her professional career interfere with her love life. When the evening is over, DR. CRAIG, the museum’s director, makes sexual advances toward Zita, taunting her about her age and almost raping her.

            Elyse writes up the story for her editor, JACK MORAN, who is secretly in love with. He says her story is dull and needs sensationalism.

            Realizing what she has missed in life, Zita discovers some hieroglyphics through which she is able to contact the Egyptian goddess Nephthys in the Egyptian Afterworld. Zita vows to be loyal to Nephthys in exchange for the secret of restoring her lost youth. Nephthys reveals that Zita can be young again through the “Mummy’s Kiss”…by which she will drain off the “kas” (spiritual twins) of beautiful young women. Performing the required ritual, Zita brings the Mummy back to life, just as Dr. Craig enters the museum gallery. Craig becomes the Mummy’s first victim, his skull ending up on a shelf in Zita’s office.

Zita dispatches the Mummy to bring back young female victims – including some of the women she had spotted at the museum’s exhibit opening. Each time she first makes love to the Mummy’s captive…then climaxes their lovemaking with the “ka”-draining kiss, transforming them into zombie-like Egyptian handmaidens. There’s a drawback, however. Zita’s new youth effect is not lasting…and when she continues to revert back, she looks older than her original age. There must be a way, she says, to stay young forever…even to become like an immortal goddess herself.

            Meanwhile, Elyse has been investigating the case of the missing young women, even though Jack remains skeptical that anything supernatural is happening. Going off on her own, Elyse visits Professor Bramwell, who tells her (in a flashback to Ancient Egypt) the story of how Hor-She-Sut was buried alive and became the Mummy.

            Elyse’s investigation brings her back to the museum, where Zita’s zombie-like handmaidens and the Mummy capture her, wrapping her up like mummy. Later, Zita entrances and unwraps Elyse, revealing her naked body. Zita watches as her handmaidens make love to the unwilling Elyse, then prepares to give her the kiss that will steal her “ka.” For Zita has found the way to eternal youth – drain off many “kas” in a single night, starting with Elyse.

            Jack enters, doing his best to stop the ritual and save Elyse. The Mummy attacks him, while Zita brings her lips closer to Elyse’s. Just then Nephthys appears, angered by Zita’s misuse of her powers and attempt to become goddess-like. Nephthys takes control of the Mummy and turns it against Zita. In the Mummy’s clutches, Zita reverts back to a much older woman…then a becomes withering corpse…and finally a skeleton that explodes into dust. Nephthys restores the handmaidens’ “kas,” returns the Mummy to its death state, and then returns to the Afterworld, with Elyse and Jack finally together. 

In the last scene, the Mummy is dead is dead forever. Or is she…?


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