The Mummy's KissTM: 2nd Dynasty



When the museum acquires a new Egyptian exhibit with a dubious history, museum exhibits co-ordinator, Zita Furneaux (Kylie Wyote) soon sets about donning a forbidden amulet and calling upon the Goddess Nepthys (Andrea Smith) to bring her eternal youth. The hidden catch is that she gets her youth as well as a very animate mummy.

Investigative journalist, Elys Lam (Christine Nguyen) is on the case from the get go, as various nubiles go missing all to the beat of cloth-bound feet.

The plot is, of course, mostly an excuse for the leading ladies to appear unclothed in various coupling permutations. The trysts are softcore and would play quite happily on cable. Seems to me this film would have been ideal fodder for Rhonda Shear's Up-All-Night film slot on the USA channel

I should note that Ms. Nguyen is very restful on the eye, which helps.

Del Howison's Renfield Character from Don Glut's Dracula productions pops up for comiv relief purposes and creating a bizarre bridge between the world's of Dracula and the Mummy. Bram Stoker obviously missed out by not including Renfield in his own Mummy tale, Jewel of the Seven Stars (filmed as Blood From the Mummy's Tomb).

For non-anamorphic and shot on video this is as probably as good as it gets.

Considering the budget, kudo's to the sound department.

No Easter Eggs Found on Disc.

Probably the supplements are the best value for money here considering the film is not really worthy of such deluxe edition.

The commentary by director/writer Don Glut (pronounced "Gloot") and editor/associate producer Dean McKendrick is as enjoyable as any on a film whose shooting was 5 days on a miniscule budget.
The photo galleries contain enough cheesecake pictures of the cast as to satisfy most voyeurs.

The making-of featurette is as decent as any I've seen on movies that do actually have budgets, and reveals Don Glut, whose main claim to fame was penning the novelisation of The Empire Strikes Back, as 1 part Hugh Hefner, 1 part George Lucas and 2 parts Ed Wood jr.

George Lucas and Glut attended film school together, Glut even sounds like Lucas, but, alas, there the similarity ends.

Unadulterated erotic-horror tripe, but enjoyable enough, you know? The kind of film where the heroine, listening to plot exposition, happily opens her blouse and starts applying lotion to her breasts. You see what I'm up against? I've watched the thing twice and the plot slid by me almost unnoticed.

The characters mostly have names that are riffs on classic horror stars, Chrissy Lee, Professor Petra Cushing etcetera, all of whom would squirm at the thought, stick with Final Destination and The Howling if that kind of in-jokiness floats your boat. A few scares might have helped.

Reviewed by Wearysloth.