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Now's your chance to become a real part of a Hollywood movie . . . by becoming an investor in "Dinosaur Valley Girls: Tooka-Tooka, Too!", the first sequel in Frontline Entertainment's "Dinosaur Valley Girls" series!

As an investor, you are invited to appear in a "cameo role" in the movie, visit the sets, meet the cast and crew, attend the screenings and any or all social functions relating to the film . . . and, hopefully, to profit financially from your investment.

Being part of a motion picture project can be the experience of a lifetime, especially for someone who loves the movies . . . and one which might not come again!

But putting the fun, excitement, and glamour of movie-making aside, let's talk some business . . .

Film projects are financed through limited partnerships established for each project. Frontline Entertainment, Inc. acts as the General Partner. A project can be an individual film or a package of films. The purpose of this structure is to provide tax advantages to the limited partners while at the same time limiting their risk. The number of investors is restricted by law to a maximum of 32 per partnership.

Profits are split 50/50 between the Limited Partners and the General Partners. The General Partners receive management and project fees.

A Confidential Private Placement Memorandum and a Limited Partnership Agreement is available upon request. You must qualify under the guidelines of the partnership as an investor.

For detailed investment information see Executive Contact Information on the Corporate Information page.

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