D i n o s a u r     V a l l e y     G i r l s
by Donald F. Glut
	Movie star TONY MARKHAM (Jeff Rector), who lives with 
startlet DAPHNE ADRIAN (Griffin Drew) and depends on modern 
conveniences, is haunted by dreams of a weird Icon, live 
dinosaurs and beautiful cavegirls, one cavegirl now an obsession.  
When the dreams interfere with his normal life, Tony and 
concerned TV reporter AUDREY BENEDICT (Elizabeth Landau) find 
their origins in a museum.  There Tony recognizes an Allosaurus 
skeleton as that of the dream dinosaur. Paleontologist DR. 
BENJAMIN MICHAELS (Emmy winner William Marshall) and assistant 
KAREN FORSTER (Carrie Vanston) show Tony stone slabs with cave 
art depicting the Allosaurus and cavegirls.  Also, Tony finds the 
Icon, which can supposedly grant three wishes.  Tony wishes to be 
with his dream cavegirl ... and disappears! 

	Tony is magically zapped back to "Dinosaur Valley," a 
strange, primitive world where creatures from different eras 
coexist.  Here he encounters Mesozoic reptiles (including the 
Allosaurus), brutish cavemen led by hostile BEEG-MAK (Harrison 
Ray) and dream cavegirl HEA-THOR (Denise Ames) -- and loses the 
Icon! Hea-Thor and Tony are immediately attracted to each other.  
Escaping the Allosaurus, Hea-Thor takes Tony back to her cave 
which is hidden from the cavemen.  There Tony meets the other 
"Dinosaur Valley Girls" -- a tribe made up of beautiful 
cavegirls, ruled by RO-KELL (Oscar nominee Karen Black), the 
estranged mate of their ex-chief UR-SO (former Italian movie 
muscleman Ed Fury).  Tony learns that the cavegirls, fed up with 
their menfolk's brutish ways, fled to this cave.  Tony, the only 
man around now, naturally becomes quite popular.

	The more time spent in the past, the more Tony adapts to
the primitive lifestyle, at the same time teaching the cavegirls 
about modern life.  He resigns himself to being stranded as long 
as he is with Hea-Thor. The cavemen, meanwhile, now possessing 
the Icon, discover the secret location of the cavegirls' cave. 
While Tony and Hea-Thor are elsewhere, the love-starved brutes 
raid the cave and make off with their lovely captives.  

	Tony (finally a real-life hero) and Hea-Thor set off to 
rescue the cavegirls, finding them already well into rescuing 
themselves thanks to the modern fighting methods he taught them.  
After a big battle, the tribe, reunited, is menaced by the 
Allosaurus (or JURASSIC PUNK) which Tony defeats using 
explosive grenades he has invented.  After a brief return to 
modern times, Tony defeats a disgruntled Beeg-Mak. In the end, 
Daphne takes over Tony's movie series.  The happy cave people 
begin to look more modern.  And Tony, more than ever the caveman, 
stays with Hea-Thor in Dinosaur Valley.

                           THE END

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