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Mr. Glut is currently President of Frontline Entertainment, Inc., a Hollywood-based motion picture and video production company.

He has been in the entertainment industry since graduating (with a BA degree in Letters, Arts and Sciences for Cinema) from the University of Southern California.

Most of Mr. Glut's career has been as a freelance writer. He has written movie and TV scripts, hundreds of TV-animation ("Spider-Man," "G.I. Joe," "Duck Tales," etc.) and comic-book scripts ("Captain America," "Tarzan," "Kull the Destroyer," etc.), over 40 novels and nonfiction books, numerous short stories, articles, album-liner notes, etc. His novelization of the second STAR WARS movie, "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980), was No. 1 Bestseller for almost two months, is still in print and has sold some 4 million copies. His "The Dinosaur Dictionary" (1972), considered one of the best reference books of the year by the American Library Association, created a format that has been much imitated; his "Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia" (one of the American Library Associations 12 best reference books of 1997) has been called the definitive book on this subject.

He wrote and directed video projects (including the documentaries "Dinosaur Movies" and "Hollywood Goes Ape!", and music-video compilation "Dinosaur Tracks," all co-produced with Kevin Glover); was a consultant on other video and film projects; and in 1993 was "Dinosaur Consultant" on Roger Corman's hit movie "Carnosaur."

For Frontline, Mr. Glut has written and directed the motion picture "Dinosaur Valley Girls," shot in 1995, and the documentaries "Before La Brea" (made for the "Dinosaur Theater" at the George C. Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries in Los Angeles) and "The Making of Dinosaur Valley Girls."

An expert on dinosaurs, Mr. Glut lectures at museums, often guests on TV and radio talk shows, is a regular speaker at seminars for actors and a guest at various genre-movie conventions. His company Fossil Records has produced six paleontology-related cassette albums.

Recently Mr. Glut was hired by Universal Pictures as a writer for "Islands of Adventure," an Orlando, FL "Jurassic Park"-related project that includes scenes from "Dinosaur Valley Girls."

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