Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood

Sequel to The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula

plot synopsis
written by Donald F. Glut
copyright © 2003 Frontline Entertainment, Inc.

Los Angeles, 1897: Roxanne Dumas receives another nocturnal visit from the vampire Diana Ruthven, who again makes loved to her and drinks her blood. By the time her brother realizes something is amiss, Diana has absconded with Roxanne. Dumas seeks the help of Padre Jacinto, a priest who is looking for a sign to reaffirm his faith, and the two of them go off in pursuit of Diana and her vampire brother, Lord Ruthven. The two vampire hunters confront Ruthven and Diana in the crypt below an old abbey, destroying Diana with a wooden stake and Ruthven with a consecrated silver dagger, rescuing Roxanne from a fate of undeath. His faith reinforced by his encounter with the supernatural, the Padre prays, offering to let his spirit remain on Earth as a protective force in the event that Ruthven’s evil ever returns.

Los Angeles, the present: Count Dracula, while being entertained by his vampire girlfriend Valerie, summons his daughter Martine and insect-eating servant Renfield. Dracula has learned that the remains of his old British “blood brother” Lord Ruthven are in Southern California. He dispatches Martine and Renfield to the abbey to bring Ruthven back to life, taking with them the Ruthvenian, the so-called “vampire’s bible” that was named after him.

Once back among the living, Lord Ruthven longs for Roxanne. Both Ruthven and Diana had desired to win Roxanne and, by turning her into a vampire, know her love throughout eternity. He feels that Roxanne still exists in this new millennium, even if only in spirit. Ruthven also thirsts, not having tasted human blood in more than a century. Encountering former prostitute Lilith in a Hollywood alley, Ruthven suddenly feels ill and cries tears of blood, as Lilith escapes, the ghost of Padre Jacinto appears, condemning Ruthven’s actions.

Back at the abbey, Ruthven reads in the Ruthvenian that the Padre’s blessed dagger has “purified” his circulatory system so that he can no longer drink blood. His only recourse is to revive his sister Diana, who must filter the blood of her victims through her own body, and then give it to Ruthven to drink. Diana sets off into her new and modern world, rapidly learning its ways and becoming a part of it. Her first victim is Lilith, currently dancing in a Hollywood strip club. Back at the abbey, Lilith becomes Diana’s vampire love slave. Diana cuts her breast and lets the blood collect in a chalice. Drinking the filtered blood, Ruthven finds that his crimson tears have slightly diminished, a sign that he is getting stronger and will someday leave the sanctuary of the abbey.

Roxanne’s modern day counterpart – identical to her 1897 ancestor and a potential reincarnation – begins to feel as if some unseen ghost or demon is trying to possess her. Remembering that something similar had happened to her namesake, she finds an old photograph of the original Roxanne and takes a growing interest in her.

In the nights that follow, Diana continues to hunt the streets, feeding upon lovely female victims, always returning to the abbey to feed her brother, he getting progressively stronger. Ruthven cannot wait to leave the abbey and reclaim his lost love. But it has become a race between brother and sister to find and possess Roxanne first. Diana wins the competition. By the time Ruthven, cured at last, finally gets to Roxanne’s home – attacking her roommate lover by mistake – Diana has already claimed the young woman. Returning to the abbey, Ruthven is held back by a cross-wielding Lilith, while Diana makes love to – and puts the fatal bite on – Roxanne.

Concerned that Diana’s attacks have been bringing too much attention to the existence of vampires in Los Angeles, Dracula sends Martine and Renfield back to the abbey to reason with the Ruthvens.

Unable to restrain himself, Ruthven breaks free of Lilith and drives through Diana’s heart the same stake the Padre had used on her in 1897. By now his beloved Roxanne is a vampire who wants no one but Diana. Having lost Roxanne forever, Ruthven prepares to destroy her with the dagger that had once stabbed him – when the Padre’s ghost again appears, goading the Lord into plunging the consecrated silver blade into his own heart. That done, the suicidal act destroying Ruthven forever, the Padre’s spirit, having fulfilled his mission of Earth, can finally rest in peace.

When Martine and Renfield arrive at the abbey, it is all over – except for the vampires Roxanne and Lilith, who are already in another room making love. Getting aroused, Martine joins them, after which the three lovely vampires – and also the many other young beauties attacked by Diana on her nocturnal hunts, now vampires also – arrive at their new home, the castle of Dracula. Let the party begin!